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Maintenance Services

Domestic & Commercial Maintenance Companies in Dubai: The Who and How

Most of would agree that we are all problem solvers and fix issues. That statement holds very true if you are a handyman or a plumber or even an electrician. It doesn't matter how genius of problem solvers we are - we've definitely required handyman services either for our home or office.

Whether it is a leaking tap, or a broken toilet or if you need washing machine repair we've relied on trusted and affordable technician to come to the rescue.

Whilst there is dime a dozen of them around here, the priceless questions continue to haunt us? How good are they? Are they ripping us off? Are they reliable and is their work safe?

Dozens of companies would vouch for the quality and expertise themselves but as an end-user you need to do a certain amount of due diligence and ask the right questions.

The questions you need to ask of the company providing technical maintenance services are the following

  • How long has your company been running?
  • Are your technicians employed by you or do you sub-contract?
  • What kind of guarantees do you provide for works completed?
  • Do you provide a written invoice and receipt?
  • Can you provide me with client references who can be contacted?

So the next time you need a handyman or a plumber, be sure to ask these questions and along with your due diligence trust your instincts.

Maintenance Companies

Maintenance & Repair Services in Dubai: Great Expectations

Before you engage the services of any maintenance company, be sure what you need done. Do your research and establish what the likely problem is. Most reliable and skilled technicians should be able to fix common issues quite easily such as install standard fittings, minor joinery work and even perform AC repair in Dubai

Credible handyman services should be able to

  • Understand the problem over the phone if explained accurately
  • Diagnose the problem and provide a solution after a site-visit
  • Determine an exact approximate quote for materials and labour
  • Provide a definite timeline as to how long they need to fix the issue
  • Commit to a start and end date

A good plumber, handyman or electrician should work efficiently, be accountable, and complete the task with almost zero-minimal supervision. Technically proficient handyman services in Dubai should also be experts in their trade and be able to demonstrate capabilities working across existing and new properties.

Handyman Maintenance Services in Dubai: What can we do?

So what can and cannot most good office or home maintenance services in Dubai do?

Well that really depends on the job or task you've got for them. If it is a major project then the scope needs to be determined but if they are common tasks then it shouldn't take them too long. They should be able to do most furniture installations, electrical repairs and plumbing tasks.

Our team of reliable, skilled and trained technicians are able to

  • Install and Assemble Furniture
  • Install Picture Frames, Curtains & Drapes
  • Perform Joinery and Carpentry works
  • Fix and Repair Furniture
  • Toilet & Bathroom Repairs and Fixes
  • Electrical Repairs & Cabling Works
  • Installation & Provision of Lighting fixtures
  • Appliance Installation & Fixing
  • AC Repair & Service
  • Office, Home & Villa Maintenance Work

Now that you know our portfolio of services, the next time you need a good and trusted handyman in Dubai- call us.

Handyman Maintenance

We will find the best Electrician or Plumber in UAE for You

We have firsthand experienced the pain in finding the right electrician when we've needed one. We've also waited long hours for that plumber to arrive and eventually giving up hope. We've spent hours on the internet and the phone finding someone reliable and skilled. We've also done endless negotiating circles to get fair market price and gone through trying to these technicians honor their post-service commitments.

NEVER AGAIN- We don't us or anyone else to experience the same.

So you can be assured that the next time you need any works done around your home or office, you can count on someone reliable - THAT'S US!

  • We source the best handyman or plumber for your task
  • Provide accurate quotes from multiple contractors who have been verified and industry certified
  • Ensure you get contacted within 30 minutes
  • We even schedule the site visits
  • Even assist with payment options and processing if required.

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