10 Tools You Should Keep for DIY Maintenance Projects

home maintenance services in Dubai
By : businessbid

To DIY home maintenance services in Dubai, every household should own a collective maintenance kit that is light in the pocket and includes tools that you require for basic fixtures around the house. The higher quality the tool, the longer it will last, so make sure to invest wisely.

1. Portable Toolbox

The most basic thing you need is a toolbox. It should be able to sort out tools properly into compartments so that you do not have to rummage through all the heavy tools just to get the one you want. It is advisable to get a toolbox that fits all 10 tools into one.

2. Tape Measure

Investing in a measuring tape that is more than 25″ long is a smart thing to do. You must also look for one that has an efficient locking system. Tapes are essential for any maintenance project such as cutting tubes for plumbing projects.

3. Utility Knife

A sharp knife is important for any tool box. This could include replaceable razor blades, cutters or folding knives. You can use them for cutting ropes or seals that come with new products.

4. LED Flashlight

DIY projects usually require you to squat down and work at places that are not too visible. In order to make sure you do not cut the wrong wire or slice your finger off, make sure to have a LED flashlight to guide you through the dark spots.

5. Combination Pliers

In order to plumb fixtures, you need to invest in a good set of light, smooth-jaw channel lock pliers. They can also be used to hold, turn and pull out nails of different sizes that get stuck on the wrong side of the fixture.

6. Wire Cutters

For electrical work, you may need to trip or cut off wires, especially when the power is cut off. Furthermore, in order to crimp insulated wires, you need to take out your wire cutter so that you do not get electrocuted.

7. Cordless Drill

Check out the DeWalt drill which is trending as number 1 on Amazon. It uses NiCad battery technology, but you can also find drills that use lithium-ion batteries. The drill will come in handy for driving multiple screws and tightening bolts.

8. Screwdriver That Detects Electricity

You need a slot-headed screwdriver that is small and has a power detector all in one. This will help each time you are unsure if some wire has a current flowing through it. It will light up, indicating the flow of current.

9. Hardware

Make sure to keep a versatile set of tools with you such as screws of different lengths and purposes and basic-purpose nails. This will help you keep your options open. Home maintenance companies in Dubai advice a compartment box.

10. Level

You will need a mini level in order to help you position horizontal and vertical guidelines when you are working with fixtures and hardware. Since we advise a small one, you can fit it anywhere in the tool box.