5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in UAE

By : businessbid

Why Remodel?

Waking up every day and walking inside your boring beige-walled kitchen with the floorboard coming off in a few places to cook breakfast for the entire family can be a bit tiresome, right? Who doesn’t like a little bit of excitement in their daily routine? We are here to help you make your workspace exciting, interesting and very different!

Read through this article and find out five different remodeling ideas for kitchens in UAE.

1. Color the Cabinets

If you’re tired of the beige and dull-colored cabinets of your kitchen and feel that they not only make you feel bored but also ruin the first impression in front of anyone who walks in, you need to get that changed. Repaint your cabinets and make them white! White not only gives your kitchen a classy look but also makes space look bigger and cleaner.

2. Switch the Sink

An old, stained sink spoils the entire look of a kitchen. It not only makes you angry and upset when you’re doing the tiring job of cleaning dishes but also irritates the guests who happen to walk in. Switch your old sink and get the latest apron-front sink!

This gives the overall kitchen a very classy look and makes one feel fabulous even while doing dishes. Another option, which is very common in many countries, is to have a dishwasher. This compact machine reduces workload and lessens your burden. If you’re worried about its maintenance, don’t be. All you have to do is contact the nearest dishwasher repair Dubai has to offer and get it fixed.

3. Install a Breakfast Bar

Does your kitchen have a very cornered style? Are all the cabinets and counters lined up against the wall and do not give a great look? Do not worry, friend. We have your back. Here is a great idea. Remove all the extra cabinets and counters except for those on the wall which has your stove. This will give you enough room to have a breakfast bar in your kitchen. This bar will not only store but also create room for people to sit and chat while you cook!

4. Transform the Tiles

Flooring is another extremely important part of remodeling. If your kitchen’s floorboard is dark colored and worn out, change it to a lighter shade of tiles. This will make your kitchen look bigger and more inviting!

5. Show the Shelving

No more storing beautiful utensils in cupboards and fussing all the time when you have to bring them out. Create an open shelving system in your kitchen and show off all your beautiful dinner sets!

How to Get Started

Before you start worrying about remodeling and renovating, get in touch with expert handymen and get all the things that need repairing fixed. The BusinessBid and Duo Star Technical Services are some places where you can book handyman Dubai online and ease your workload.