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Creating a Project Checklist before hiring Handyman Dubai or Anywhere in UAE.

It is tempting to rush into home improvement projects in a new house or apartment. Many new homeowners can’t wait to paint, decorate, renovate and generally make their new house or apartment their own. Unfortunately, budgets and energy levels aren’t always equal to the task and many jobs are left half done.
Instead of the frustration of living with half completed projects, make a list for each room or area in the home and spend time considering which tasks are the most important and then think about to call home maintenance companies in Dubai. Time, skill and budget restraints all need to be considered. By taking time at the beginning, it is possible to prevent the regrets of hastily made decorating decisions and the inconvenience of incomplete renovations.

List the Main Rooms and Areas

List each room/area at the top of a blank notebook page. When assessing rooms, group rooms with similar needs together, such as bedrooms and living areas; bathroom, kitchen and laundry; and outdoor areas.
The ideal time for performing this assessment is before furniture and other belongings are moved into the home. This allows an overall view of the condition of rooms without clutter to hide or mask imperfections. This is not always possible, so the assessment should simply be performed as soon as practicable after moving in.

General Assessment Points

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Use the following questions as a starting point for ideas for each room:


Consider these questions before calling an electrician in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for lighting installation or replacement to save yourself from further troubles.

  1. Is the current lighting adequate?
  2. Are the light fittings in good condition or do they need to be repaired or replaced?
  3. What globes are used?
  4. Can more energy efficient globes replace the existing ones?
  5. Is the light fitting suitable for the purpose of the room?
  6. Does the room need a floor or table lamp to better meet the lighting needs?
  7. Is it possible or desirable to replace the light fitting with a combined light/ceiling fan?

Flooring and Carpets

  1. Are the floor coverings in good condition and adequate for the room?
  2. Does carpet need to be replaced and if so, would the area be better suited to linoleum, tiles, floorboards or some other floor covering?
  3. Is the color of the carpet suitable for the room’s use?
  4. Is the room a high traffic area that needs a hard wearing and serviceable floor covering or are comfort and aesthetics more important?
  5. Would the addition of floor rugs add to the appearance and/or comfort of the room?


  1. Are the walls in good condition?
  2. Does wallpaper need to be replaced or removed?
  3. Do walls and ceiling need to be repainted?
  4. Are the current colors suitable for the size and purpose of the room?
  5. Will they match existing furniture?
  6. Are there any minor repairs to be made?

Curtains and Window Treatments

Handyman Dubai available to help out the homeowners but if homeowners decide the following things mentioned below then it can save their money and time.

  1. Are there any curtains or window treatments?
  2. Are these clean and functioning or do they need to be replaced?
  3. What type of window covering would best suit the purpose of the room?

Air Quality and Mould

  1. Are there odors in the room that need to be dealt with?
  2. If the previous residents were smokers or had pets, there may be residual smells that can be removed by shampooing carpet, washing curtains and/or wiping down walls.
  3. If there is an odor of mould or mildew, locate the source and deal with it as soon as possible.


  1. Are there sufficient power points, phone jacks, TV aerial connections and/or gas heater connections for the purpose of the room?

Make a Home Improvements Plan

Once each room has been assessed, it is possible to prioritise any purchases, repairs or improvements to ensure that the most important tasks are given the highest time and finance priority.