Hot Water Problem in Dubai and it’s Possible Solutions

Hot Shower
By : businessbid

The UAE, being a desert economy, has a dilemma with non-regulation of high water temperatures in some areas, especially in the summer. The municipal administration now has made specific legislation for regulating this sector. Individuals resort to plumbing services in Dubai and specific plumbers in Dubai if insulation and overhead water piping were not in your building, therefore translating into higher costs.

It is clear there is a problem, as even building owners overlook installing proper hot water systems. For those who can afford to have their water supply tanks insulated, it is a good choice for them as they can take baths whenever they wish, but most people cannot afford to install this feature and they have to go through the summer feeling uncomfortable to take a bath in their homes.

The country is seeking to implement solutions to this problem. Statistics from the World Bank indicate the demand for desalination is set to rise by 7.7% while groundwater and aquifer water reducing by at least 40%.

The root of the problem

The expensive lifestyle in the country has led to a multitude of environmental problems, while other Gulf cities are attempting to emulate development rates in Dubai. The country is, however grappling with issues particularly relating to water. Freshwater can be consumed after treated in Desalination plants, which could improve the situation.

Sustainable development is now a key issue, and all the Gulf countries are now dealing with on priority basis.

Consequences of water problems

  1. Dehydration: this can happen quickly. Old people and children, as well as people exercising, can suffer from this issue, even in the summer periods.
  2. Heat stroke: with signs that include rapid breathing, sweating, high body temperatures, and an unusually fast pulse, it can lead to unconsciousness and death.
  3. Eye damage: the likely reason for this is eye dehydration.
  4. Food poisoning: this can occur when food is not stored properly and refrigerated.

The possible solutions

  1. Groundwater monitor system: the government has begun to set system for aquifer water, which is for irrigating lawns and forests that contain residual waste up a monitoring. The government even awarded contracts to begin construction of a long-term water reservoir facility that can contain a month’s backup of water.
  2. Public awareness campaigns: these are to sensitize people on the importance of proper sanitation in buildings and residential areas.
  3. Legislation: lawmakers have begun requiring buildings to be constructed using western standards of environmental protection, including the installation of proper piping systems and energy consumption limits.
  4. Providing shades and durable insulation for water pipes: many building owners are unaware of the gravity of the issue, though this is slowly changing due to the awareness that is more public and legislative changes. Most villas in the country now provide insulation for their water storage tanks and pipes, and buildings that are under construction are now designing their walls in ways that protect their water sources.

Final thoughts

The issue of sustainable development and water scarcity are interlinked, and one always affects the other. With plumbers in Dubai and plumbing services in Dubai being expensive options, building owners are now required to install proper insulation for their buildings and reduce the energy losses or very high gains in water temperature.