Learn Why, When and How to Change AC Filters

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By : businessbid

Have you ever experimented not cleaning or dusting your home for a month? If you haven’t, please don’t even try doing it. The amount of dust that gathers in a place when it is left unclean and untidy for a long duration is enough to make that place unable to be used. The same happens with your air conditioner. When you leave it unclean and untidy for long durations, it hinders its working.

Here’s a guide to figure out why, when and how to change your AC’s filters!

Why Should You Change the AC Filters?

It is the job of an air conditioner’s filter to make sure none of the dust particles get into the equipment. This can happen when your AC is pulling in warm air and letting it out after cooling it. The dust that goes inside the AC is obviously full of dust and debris and can easily hinder your AC’s functioning.

When you keep using your AC without cleaning it, all the dust gathers on its filters. This makes your AC put in triple times more power to work. This not only affects the machine but also adds to your monthly bill.

When Should You Change the AC Filters?

It is necessary to change the AC filters after every few months and to clean them up during those months as well. Cleaning filters every week is great if your daily AC usage is a lot.

You can also keep checking every now and then if your AC filters have a lot of debris on them or not. You can contact AC repair Dubai or any AC service Dubai that works for this and easily get your filter changed every month. However, this will cost not only money but also a lot of time as you have to get an appointment and wait for the guy. Read further and find out how you can help yourself in this situation. You do not necessarily need to rely on a repair service for this simple task.

How Can You Change the AC Filters?

It is definitely tricky to locate your filter, but that is the most important thing to do before you can change your AC filters. Your AC’s filters can be on the air duct that takes air inside, but they can also be in the duct that releases air. Look for your AC filters and move on to the next steps.

Get the right filter for your AC by taking your old filters when you go out to buy the new ones or check the size and other details on the filter your AC currently has.

When you go to change filters, make sure your AC is powered off. Take or simply slide the older filter out. Clean the space with a cloth, and fix the new filter in. You’re done!

Yes, it is that simple, friends.