How to Wall Mount Your TV?

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By : businessbid

After a long, hard day at work, taking your mind off your daily concerns is crucial. While some people use music to unwind, others prefer to watch TV.

A TV is one of the most common pieces of technology you will find at homes. Not only has the actual product come a long way from when it was first invented, but its placement and role in décor has also changed quite a bit.

Now, people wish to mount their TVs on the wall to save space as well as to ensure that the room gives off a classy vibe. For those of you who live in Dubai, you can choose from the various maintenance companies in Dubai who can successfully mount your TV.

If you don’t want to avail the handyman services Dubai has an abundance of, you can choose to do the task yourself by following a few steps.

Decide the Placement

It is not just enough for you to designate a wall where you want to place your TV. You need to decide at what height and at exactly what spot will you mount the TV to ensure maximum exposure. Make sure you mount the product at eye level. No one wants to crane their necks when trying to relax. Hence, be careful with all of the placement decisions.

Pick Your Mount

When you are choosing the product that you will place the TV on, you will realize there is an abundance of options in the market to select from. Ensure that you pick a quality product. After all, you don’t want your TV to fall off the mount.

There are two main types of mounts to choose from, an articulating mount and a tilting mount. The former is ideal for light TVs, while the latter is best for heavier products.

Mount the Bracket to Your TV and Then to the Wall

Remove the base of the TV and lay it on its back where you will find four holes. Screw the bracket on these holes. Make sure you screw all the bolts as tightly as possible to guarantee the TV does not get loose once attached to the wall.

On the wall, locate the presence of studs by using an electronic stud finder. Mark the location of the studs with the help of a pencil. Drill holes into the wall and attach the mount to the wall with the aid of screws. Once it is secured, attach your TV to the mounting bracket. Don’t let go until you are sure that the mount will be able to bear the weight.


All in all, mounting your TV to the wall might not be a complex task, but it is quite risky. Doing it yourself might not achieve the same level of excellence which would have been achieved had you availed the services of maintenance companies in Dubai.

If you are in doubt about your skills, don’t take the risk and choose from the many handyman services in Dubai.