LED Light vs Incandescent Bulbs

By : businessbid

Have you ever wondered how an LED light compares to an incandescent bulb? In the world of lighting systems, the debate of LED light vs incandescent bulbs is a very interesting topic because, over the years, technology has changed a lot. Some years ago, you had only one option, and that was of incandescent bulbs, but now we have light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are very energy-efficient.

The LED lights were first found in small appliances because they were used in a small form, but they are now used as a more reliable option because they can last longer than other types of lights. This post will compare the main features of both lighting options.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

LED lights use diodes through which electricity flows. The diodes have positive and negative terminals, which allow the electricity to flow in one direction. These are made up of silicon, selenium or any other semi-conductive material, and they emit light whenever electricity passes through them. LED lights have lots of advantages, and in spite of being more expensive than incandescent lights, they are used extensively to meet one’s needs.

Main Features

LED lights are very long lasting as compared to other lighting options such as incandescent lights, LPS, and fluorescent lights. LED lights can last for approximately 50,000 to 100,000 hours, while incandescent bulbs have a life of around 1200 hours only. LEDs are also very energy efficient and are high quality. Using these lights, there will be no wastage of energy as they don’t emit heat. Thus, these lights are very safe to use and are environment-friendly because of their efficiency.

Since there are no maintenance costs, LED lights are only expensive when purchased and prove to be cost-efficient later. There are some downsides of LED lights too, that is, their size is much smaller than other lights, and they can generate a spectrum of visible light colours. You can consult any electrician in Dubai to get more knowledge regarding LED lights.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs use a filament which, when heated to a high temperature, can emit visible light. Such lights work by the mechanism of incandescence and are available in different watts, sizes, and voltages. When electricity passes through the wired filament, it gets heated up to the extent that it starts glowing. In the past, these were the most popular lighting options, but LEDs are now replacing them.

Main Features

Incandescent bulbs are very inexpensive as compared to LED lights. However, the cost of LEDs is also decreasing with the advancement in technology, though incandescent lights are still less expensive. If you want to consider the incandescent bulbs for lighting your home, you can get the services of an electrician Abu Dhabi and have them installed easily. These lights are also available in many lighting options such as warm white lights, cool white lights, daylights, and others. For home lighting, mostly the warm glow is considered.