Common Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Changed

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You are awoken by the sound of the alarm. As you try to make sense of your surroundings, you groggily go to your bathroom for a long, hot shower. As you turn the shower tap on, you are brought to your senses rudely by the sudden splash of cold water. Alas, your water heater has finally given up.

Ask any one of the plumbing services in Dubai along with other countries, and they will tell you that various signs occur which should inform you that your water heater needs to be changed. Here are a few of these signs.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Your water heater just doesn’t know the right water temperature anymore. Sometimes you walk into the shower prepared for a cold, depressing bath and you are provided with boiling water. And sometimes the opposite is true. This occurs due to the damage to the heating element which can be fixed by plumbing services in Dubai.

Rusty Color of the Water

Regardless of how many plumbers in Dubai you call for help, once your water heater enters this stage, there is no going back. When the color of your hot water turns into a gross shade of brown, it is time to let the water heater go.

Metallic Smell

There will come a time when the rustic water will start to smell. You will be able to detect a metallic smell in the water which will render the purpose of a bath useless. This odor results from the fact that when a tank starts breaking from the inside, the grits of the product start combining with your water supply.

Unless you like the rustic and metallic appearance you will have after taking a bath, changing the heater is the only option for you.

Say Hello to Puddles

Another sign that your water heater has seen better days and should be replaced is the occurrences of puddles near the heater. The first time you find a puddle of water is the time you should change the product. If you don’t do so, you should mentally prepare yourself for a flood in case the entire tank breaks.

Never-Ending Noise

There comes a stage when your heater will beg for mercy. It is tired and old, and it will make sure you hear its pleas. The water heater will make so much noise that the act of taking a bath will seem like being on the battlefield.

Constant Need of Plumbers

A time will come when you will find yourself spending more time interacting with various plumbers in Dubai than you do with your friends. Why? This is because your water heater keeps needing expert help. When one thing or another in the product consistently requires repairs, it means that you are investing more in the product than you should be.


When your water heater starts exhibiting the signs mentioned above, don’t invest in any of the plumbers in Dubai. Accept that your dependable heater is on its deathbed. It’s time to move on to a new one.