Smoke Alarms & Home Fire Safety

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Safety is something that should never be taken for granted. Fire accidents tend to have disastrous consequences and thus, precautions are a requirement. It is important that you get smoke alarms for your place so that an accident can be prevented. Proper installation and maintenance need to be done, which is why it is important to opt for the best electrician Dubai.

Installation of the System

Before we shed some light on the process of installing smoke alarms, we feel it prudent to point out that this is a task best left for professionals. Therefore, it is advisable you entrust it to one of the best electrical companies in Abu Dhabi so that your safety is not compromised.

The first thing you would need to do is select a smoke alarm. Make sure it is one that carries the label of a reliable testing laboratory so that its results could be counted on.

It is advisable to install the alarms in every bedroom as well as outside the sleeping area. Every level of the house should have a smoke alarm. It would work well in your favour if you make sure that the smoke alarms are installed around 3 meters away from the cooking appliance so as to make it certain there are no false alarms when you are cooking.

Smoke rises and thus, it would be a good idea to mount the smoke alarms high. Try to make sure that the distance between the alarm and the ceiling is not more than 12 inches.

It would not be very effective if you install the alarm near windows or doors. This is because there is a chance that the draft will interfere in the operation.

Smoke alarms should never be painted. Things like decorations or stickers can prevent the alarm from functioning optimally and, thus, should be avoided.

Interconnect all smoke alarms for which you can use hard wiring or some wireless technology. This will make sure that when one alarm sounds, all start to ring so that you hear it irrespective of which part of the house you are in.

Types of Smoke Alarms

There are two types of smoke alarms that you will find on the market. One is the ionization smoke alarm which tends to respond more to flaming fires. The other is the photoelectric smoke alarm which shows more response to smouldering fires. It is advisable to have dual-sensor smoke alarms for maximum protection and safety.

Pay Heed to Maintenance

Simply installing the smoke alarm is not enough. You also need to make sure that it is maintained optimally. It would be a good idea to test it at least once a month via the test button that it is sure to be equipped with. Take a keen look at the instructions of the manufacturer regarding its maintenance and make sure to abide by them or hire an electrician or maintenance companies in Dubai for proper maintenance.