Split AC vs Ducted AC: Which Is Best in Dubai?

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By : businessbid

Ducted and split ACs are the most common types of air conditioning systems in Dubai. Both types of AC systems are different from each other, but apparently, there are no differences that can be understood by the average person. If you have an outdated air conditioning system or are looking to buy a new one, you must need to hire an AC service Dubai. Each AC system has its pros and cons, and this post will review both air conditioning systems in detail.

Ducted AC Systems

A ducted AC system is one in which the unit is sealed completely. This AC is normally fixed on the roof or even outside the property, and there are vents present inside the rooms through which cold air is provided. These AC systems also allow users to control the airflow for different locations.

Main Features

A ducted AC is more expensive than a split AC, but the biggest advantage is that you can use it to cool down the whole property. Using this AC system, you won’t need to install separate AC units in each room. You can maintain the desired temperature throughout your house and can use a thermostat for that. Some ducted AC systems also have the option of heating homes in winter using a reverse cycle.

Thus, if you have a ducted AC system, you won’t need a separate heating unit to use during winters. These systems are quieter and are ideal to be used in offices and big houses. One limitation is that the ducting system is not suitable for some properties as there is no proper arrangement of ducts or vents. People also state that there is no need to cool the whole property when you need to cool down a few rooms only.

Split AC Systems

Split AC systems have a condenser that is located outside the property. An AC repair Dubai expert can install it easily and fix it on an external wall, while the main unit is installed inside the property.

Main Features

A split AC system is cheaper as compared to ducted AC systems. These AC systems are ideal if you have a small property or need to cool only one or two rooms. If you are living in a double-story building or apartment, you should consider this AC system as installing ducts can be very challenging or almost impossible. This AC system is managed by a remote control and has lower installation, running, and maintenance costs as compared to ducted systems. A downside to this AC system is that one unit will cool only one room or space where it is installed. Also, the condenser is located outside the property which makes it difficult to maintain.


Both AC systems have their pros and cons, and if you are in Dubai, you must consider your requirements before installation. If you have a large property and good budget, you must consider the option of a ducted AC system, but if you want to cool down only one or two rooms of a small property, a split AC will be a good choice.