Tips to Maintain Your Front Load Washing Machine

By : businessbid

Most washing machines sold these days are front loaders, with top loaders becoming difficult to get because of their high water consumption and low-efficiency ratings. Reliable persons for washing machine repair Dubai and handyman in Dubai are a bit tricky to find, so you need to know how to repair and maintain them.

If you are used to using a top loader, you will notice it requires almost no maintenance as compared to front loaders. However, you can use some simple maintenance tips on your machine to preserve it for longer, regardless of its age.

1. High-efficiency detergent:

you may presume that any regular detergent out there will effectively wash your clothes while in the machine. The problem is, it regular detergent has too many suds, which can mechanically or electronically damage your machine as it uses less water. Read the labels of the soap carefully – High-efficiency detergent (marked as HE compatible) may be expensive, but it is worth it in the end.

2. Leave doors open when unused:

You may find this phenomenon strange if you are used to dealing with top loaders. The problem with front loaders is their tendency to trap smells and provide conducive environments for mold to grow. Make sure that you dry out the floor and drum, and give the rubber seal a wipe down.

3. Regular examination of the rubber seal:

Some small wet clothes such as socks can be hidden in the rubber seal. Also, remove clean loads immediately, because they can easily cause mold to grow.

4. Limit the bleach, fabric softener and soap amounts:

Because front loaders use less water. You can easily ruin your clothes when you use too much bleach or detergent. For liquid fabric softeners, one teaspoon is enough for an entire load.

5. Clean the machine dispensers regularly:

Just make sure you clean them at least once a month using a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water, then leave them out to dry. This will prevent bad odors and mold from developing in the light of this, also clean your front loader machine at least once a month.

6. Use hot water washes often:

Even though detergents work very well with cold water, a residue can build up in the washing machine, so clean it with a hot water rinse.

7. Level the machine:

One of the reasons front loaders are unique is because they have computers on board, so they function best when they are level on the ground. Before you load your dirty clothes into the machine, be sure that it is level. Regularly check on this status as it washes your clothes so that it functions smoothly and efficiently.

8. Cleanse the drain pump:

The drain pump filter of your machine can easily clog because of lint, hair or dust, so it is important to dry it, along with the machine dispensers.

If you notice any problems with your machine before you rush to call a handyman or a washing machine repair Dubai, be sure that the problem is not with your maintenance standards. Front loaders can be quite some work to keep running, but they can serve you well for a long time as long as you use them properly.